Cable Car Ride

Genting Skyway

Cable Car to Genting Highlands
Genting Skyway, opened in 1997, is one of the longest and fastest gondola lifts in Southeast Asia. Spanning 3.38km from the base station in Gohtong Jaya town all the way up to the peak - it's an exhilarating ride hundreds of feet up steep mountain slopes. An earlier built station (Awana Skyway) provides additional cable car transport on weekends and public holidays, providing an extra stop at Chin Swee Temple. This cable car service also functions when Genting Skyway is closed for maintanence. Running at six meters per second, the cable car completes its journey in 11 minutes. Each cabin carries eight passengers, with enough cars to support 2,000 people per hour.
For safety, the cable car system features Swiss technology with periodic maintenance and support by solid pylons dug into 40 meter bedrock. While being quick and economical, the cable car ride is also a great way to see the highlands, with amazing views of lush rainforests and landscapes from high up in the air until it reached Genting Resort. Visitors can take the ride up from the base station in Gohtong Jaya, which is housed in a 5-storey building with adjoining 10-storey car park. The station has a small shopping mall contained inside while express buses and taxis from Kuala Lumpur drop by regularly. If you've booked a room in one of the resorts at the peak, you can even check in your stay along with luggage at the station. The cable car service runs from 7.30am to 11pm daily, but operates till midnight during weekends and peak periods. If closed, a large signboard provides advance notice at Gohtong Jaya town.
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