Genting Highlands

Bentong is a township in Pahang, located about 20km away from Bukit Tinggi and 30km south of Raub. One of two major gateways to Fraser's Hill, another highland resort destination along the Titiwangsa mountain range, Bentong is a frequent stopover for travellers on the way up using the Karak Highway, but also attracts its share of visitors coming from Colmar Tropicale.

The town's culinary reputation is expressed in an abundant collection of traditional coffee shops and hawker stalls, including a famous food street. Every Saturday, a special night market called 'Bentong Walk' takes place along Jalan Chi Yin in town - a popular tourist attraction. Nature attractions in the vicinity include Chamang Waterfall, Lata Hammer and hot springs, all of which are located in the outskirts.