Places to Visit

Genting Highlands

At the foothills of Genting at Gohtong Jaya lie several popular tourist attractions including farms and markets. Beyond Genting, several places of interest lie in the outskirts along Karak Highway. Janda Baik is a lush nature valley lined with traditional villages and eco resorts, a popular getaway for the weekend among families and even team building retreats.

Ulu Yam is a small town along one of the trunk routes to Genting from Rawang, which is famous for its 'Loh Mee', a type of noodle dish from Chinese cuisine. Similarly, Gohtong Jaya is a satellite town 5km before the peak that's famous for its Chinese eateries. Finally, there's Bukit Tinggi, a countryside escape among the hills along the Karak Highway that also features Colmar Tropicale.