First World Plaza

Genting Highlands

First World Plaza is a shopping mall complex at Genting Resort, housing the indoor theme park and First World Hotel, perched above. Glamourous and bold, the First World Plaza is as bright inside as its multi-coloured facade, with cartoonish statues, neon lights and overhanging numerous replicas of international landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Petronas Twin Towers scattered randomly throughout the mall. An integral attraction of Genting Resort, the Indoor Theme Park provides lighter versions of its outdoor rides, such as carousels, roller coasters and a slow-moving ferris wheel with an emphasis on families and children.

The plaza is divided into several wings that depict famous tourist destinations with interactive rides, including Paris, Venice, Times Square, Universal Walk, Swiss Alps, Champs-Élysées and their very own Genting Walk. For example, the Venice section offers an artifical gondola ride (complete with motionless paddler) that circles round a short water channel hemmed in by Italian streets and bridges. Champs-Élysées pays tribute to the luxurious avenue in France, with elegant cafes, fashion boutiques and a minicar ride for children around the Eiffel Tower (Ride de Paris). Universal Walk is all things Hollywood, including a Moulin Rouge inspired stage lit by dazzling lights, cineplex offering the lates box office movies and a Ripley's Belive it or Not! Museum.

First World Plaza also offers recreational indoor activities for visitors; Vision City Games Park is a huge gaming arcade; Genting Cyberworld is a collection of virtual entertainment centers mostly for 24-hour online gaming; Genting Bowl, a 28-lane alley for bowlers; Ohmega Forces, a virtual game utilising realistic looking guns; X-pedition Wall on the top floor is a rock climbing studio; Topsy Turvy, a playground for children; and two small snooker centers. Occassionally, concerts, entertainment shows and public events are held from time to time in First World Plaza at the Pavilion Hall.

Meanwhile, the signature rides and attractions in First World Plaza are; SnowWorld, a freezing snow house with toboggan slide, benches and log cabin; 4D Motion Master theatrical ride; Genting Sky Venture, a wind tunnel to simulate sky diving; Haunted Adventure, a funicular train ride into a horror house; and Rainforest Splash Pool, a heated indoor water park. Finally, shoppers can browse from a range of goods that include fashion apparel, electronics, jewelry, souvenirs, bags, shoes and leather from over 90 retail outlets. Finally if hungry, there are many restaurants to sate your appetite.