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Directions on how to go to Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands is located along the Titiwangsa Mountain Range in Pahang, skirting the border of Selangor state. This tourist destination has some of the best highways and roads connected to Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring cities like Petaling Jaya. Most visitors drive themselves up by car, but buses and taxis are also common modes of transport. From the base of Genting Highlands after exiting Karak Highway, travellers climb up the mountain slope gradually on broad but windy roads, passing through Gohtong Jaya town before a steep ascend past Chin Swee Temple to the peak. A cable car service is also available from Gohtong Jaya to the resort and theme park.
From Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
Most travellers will start their journey from Kuala Lumpur, the nearest city which is linked by a highway and two major trunk roads. Visitors from Singapore will first travel to Kuala Lumpur (3 hours) via the North-South Highway. From Kuala Lumpur, the most popular route is the Karak Highway which is accessed from the end of the MRR2 Freeway in Ampang/Gombak. Drive time takes about an hour, with a distance covering approximately 35km to the peak. The seemingly slow drive is due to the windy and steep mountain road that starts from the base of Genting Highlands. The Karak Highway charges a toll rate of MYR5, but free access is available via trunk route from Batang Kali/Ulu Yam (from Rawang) or Gombak (old Bentong road).

Buses travel to Genting Highlands daily from various destinations around Kuala Lumpur, either directly to the resort or ending at Genting Skyway (cable car station). Departures continue throught the day and night at ticket prices between MYR5-12, depending on location from KL. While there are special routes from major shopping malls and urban residential areas, catering mostly for gamblers, the major bus routes begin from KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral (Puduraya) and Terminal Putra LRT Gombak. There are also express buses from Singapore and other states across Malaysia (check local listings).
Getting Around
As Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development, the theme park, hotels and attractions on the peak are connected via a maze of walkways and passages, making it relatively easy to cover the entire place in short time. Many visitors will use the cable car service from Genting Skyway in Gohtong Jaya town, as it's a convenient way up the peak with dramatic views of the valley. At the peak, the main road travels through and around Genting Resort in a loop, with a junction to exit downhill back to Kuala Lumpur via the Chin Swee Temple Bypass. As the road is steep, drive slowly and be gentle on the brakes.
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