Genting Grand Hotel

Resort, Accommodation

Maxims Genting Hotel
Genting Grand is a five star resort that offers luxury accommodation in exquisite rooms and suites for guests. Established since 1981,Genting Grand is easily the most recognisable hotel at the peak, with its trademark Genting logo crowned above the building that gleams brightly at night. Once upon a time, it was known as Genting Hotel, and then later, Maxims. At the lobby floor, several classy food and beverage outlets provide fancy dining opportunities for visitors, including Coffee Terrace (buffet), the Olive (continental), Genting Palace (Chinese) and Bakery (pastries). At the lower lobby floor, visitors can enjoy nightlifte activities at Safari Disco, All Sports Bar and Cloud 9 Pub.
    Number of Rooms: 422
  • Grand Premier Room (King/Twin Beds)
  • Maxims Suite (King Bed)
  • Signature Suite (King + Twin Beds)
    * Rooms include breakfast.
  • Coffee Terrace (buffet)
  • Genting Palace (Chinese cuisine)
  • Maxims Dining (Chinese) & Lounge
  • The Olive Restaurant & Bar
  • Lao Di Fang Cafe (local)
  • Bakery (deli)
  • Safari Disco
  • All Sports Bar
  • Cloud 9 Pub
  • MSpa
  • Gym
  • Complimentary Wifi Internet access.
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