Kanopi Villa

Janda Baik

Kanopi Villa is a 'Glamping' Resort in Janda Baik, nestled on an 8-acre campsite surrounded by lush greenery with a picturesque river flowing near the compound. Glamping is essentially a luxurious form of camping; the hotel features spacious bell tents in the shape of canopies equipped with carpets, fans, cushions, mattresses, electrical outlets and free wifi Internet access.

The wooden longhouse (converted from a goat shed) provides more space for accommodation; perched on stilts, guests sleep on an open airy space with small partitions between 'rooms'. On the spacious grounds, guests can enjoy fishing from a pond, board games, karaoke, picnics, campfires along with ATV-riding and jungle trekking outside. Full board meals are provided including a barbeque dinner.


Number of Rooms: N/A